The Association of Artists “Deblokada” was founded by filmmaker Jasmila Zbanic and producer Damir Ibrahimovic, with the aim to gather artists of various profiles from around the world and to open space for joint expression and release of creative potentials. With ten documentaries and short feature films shown at the most prestigious international festivals, two feature films selected in Competition Programme of A-list festivals (including the Berlinale’s winner full-length feature film Grbavica) and three films in their preproduction phases, Deblokada is one of the most successful production companies of Southeast Europe. Deblokada was founded in 1997 as an association of artists.

Deblokada gathers people who want to improve the society they live in and who express themselves through films, video, theatre or other art media. The name of this production company has its roots in wartime Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) when the citizens of Sarajevo, the city that suffered the longest siege in modern history, dreamt of the day when the siege would be lifted.  At the end of the war there was a need to remove the blocks to conscience and creative potentials.  That is why Deblokada’s objective from the very beginning has been to overcome the state of economic, psychological and political blockade in which art found itself in post-war B&H, and to promote the work of young artists and link them to artists from around world.